Why blog about Forensic Document Examination (aka, FDE)? For the simple reason that a lot is happening in the world of forensic science and in my chosen discipline, Forensic Document Examination. Change is in the air. Important changes; all worthy of discussion. A few of these things are negative in tone; others are very positive. That is the nature of change today.

I often muse about FDE-related topics and find myself writing little notes and reminders. Sometimes I remember to discuss these topics with my friends and colleagues — but a lot of the time I forget until the next time the same idea crosses my mind. That can be annoying and I have tried a number of ways to improve my ability to record and share these ideas.

To that end the idea of a blog came to mind. I don’t know if this option will work but I intend to use this blog to record some thoughts about whatever FDE-related or forensic science topic gets my attention. I was originally going to keep the blog private and shared only with select readers whose comments I would appreciate. After some reflection, though, I think it is better if I make it public even though the content isn’t really aimed at a broad audience. It may result in some interesting discussion.

For one thing, please don’t expect complete or finalized ideas in this blog. That may be the case in time, or for select topics, but my intention is to record ideas and concepts without worrying a lot about format or linguistic precision. I hope that does not offend anyone. If you notice anything you would like to discuss please make a comment for the related post. Alternatively, you can send me a message via my contact page.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it. Brent