The 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting of the ASFDE Inc. was held virtually from the 24th to the 28th of May 2021.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend and it was a great meeting (albeit only in virtual format).  

The presenters came from all parts of the world and included: 

  • Jan Kelly presented “The Forensic Document Examiner’s Method of Communication in Court: The Chart”
  • Niko Kalantzis presented “Connecting Envelope & Contents through ESDA Examination”
  • Jinwoo Choi presented “Interpretation of the fundamental differences between English and Korean (Hangul): Mathematical Application using topology and Information”
  • Thekla Ganiaris presented “Ghost in the Machine: the Perseverance of Ghosting on the Electrostatic Detection Apparatus”
  • Linzi Wilson-Wilde presented “Engender Change”
  • Niko Kalantzis also presented on “Pressure measurements in DCS: a study of Wacom STU530 & STU540 digitizers (with a twist)” and “Using DCS Samples for Traditional Liquid Ink Signatures: The Wacom Clipboard”
  • Jana Dambrogio and Daniel Smith gave an interesting presentation on “Letterlocking: or, how a field of study emerged from a 4mm slit”
  • Tracey Kajer presented “Degradation of Buried Documents”
  • Melanie Holt presented “Within-Ream Paper Variations and their Effect on Spectral Imaging”
  • Dean Swift presented “Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) Analysis of Pen Inks over an Extended Period of Time”
  • Carolyne Bird presented “Evaluation of Handwriting Evidence”
  • Ephraim Rogers presented “Neural Networks for Forensic Handwriting Examination”
  • Mara Melino presented “The Meaning of the Message Is in the Response: Measuring and Communicating Handwriting Opinion Strength”
  • Narumi Lima presented “Security Document: Perspectives from Brazil”
  • Bianca McKechnie presented “Characterisation of BOPP and OPP Films Using Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Polarisation Spectroscopy”
  • Sabrina So presented “Insight into Counterfeits of Australia’s Next Generation Banknotes (NGB)”
  • Philippa Read presented “Case Study: Thinking Outside the (Tissue) Box – An Unconventional Examination”
  • Ciara Devlin presented “The potential of using the profiles of fraudulent identity documents to assist in intelligence-led policing

Workshops included: 

  • Various speakers presented the Writing Reports Workshop (Kristy Martire, Stephanie Summersby, Carolyne Bird, Gary Edmond, and Leone Howes)
  • Mark Goff gave a great workshop: Digital Examination Techniques
  • Samiah Ibrahim provided an extended discussion: Document Dating and Q&A
  • Jan Zimmer and Niko Kalantzis gave a workshop: Digitally Captured Signatures – Parts 1 and 2

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