R. Brent Ostrum - Image in office
Image of R. Brent Ostrum, Forensic Document Examiner, c. 2017

I am R. Brent Ostrum, Forensic Document Examiner (D-ABFDE).  Welcome to my website.  Here you will find information about forensic document examination (FDE) and evidence evaluation, among other things.  My blog posts, in particular,  discuss various aspects of FDE and forensic science.

I am a practising forensic scientist with over thirty years experience working at the federal level in Canada.  However, while much of my commentary pertains to Canada it is not specific or unique to that locale, unless indicated.  In fact, most topics covered are not at all jurisdiction-dependent, simply because forensic science itself does not, and should not, vary in application or approach simply because it is being used in a different location.  Legal issues, on the other hand, are often specific to a particular jurisdiction and when my posts touch on such things the information will reflect it, as appropriate.

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